Samsung Gear S3 Review 
Saturday, January 21, 2017, 09:52 PM
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The History of Sekonda and Seksy Watches 
Saturday, January 21, 2017, 09:48 PM
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The history of Sekonda watches began in Moscow in 1930 with the founding of the First State Watch Factory, the Soviet watch manufacturer. Created under the orders of Stalin, the First State Watch Factory was the first Soviet attempt at manufacturing watch movements and watches. During World War II the factory was briefly evacuated but upon its return to Moscow it was renamed the First Moscow Watch Factory. During the Soviet era this factory manufactured many watches, notably Poljot watches. These watches were used by the Soviet Armed Forces and were required to be of a very high quality as a result. The factory also manufactured the air force standard issue 'Navigator' watch worn by Yuri Gagarin on his historic first manned space flight.

The Petrodvorets Watch Factory is the oldest factory in Russia. The factory, located in Saint Petersburg, was founded by Peter the Great in 1721, and since 1962 has manufactured Raketa watches.

In 1966, Sekonda was founded in the United Kingdom. Sekonda imported the Poljot and Raketa watches from the USSR and re-badged them with the Sekonda name. These high quality, reliable watches were relatively cheap and were very successful. Due to the introduction of quartz movements, Sekonda moved production to Hong Kong and began making more fashionable watches with this new technology. Excellent marketing skills and a range of great watches led Sekonda to sell more watches than any other brand in the UK in 1988. This position has been held ever since due to an ever expanding, innovative range of watches.

In 1998, the watch market began to expand with a number of fashion watch brands designing and manufacturing their own fashion watches. Instead of increasing the overall sales of watches, this led to market share being spread more thinly across all the watch brands and it became clear that Sekonda watches would need to diversify in order to maintain its market leading position.

In 2004, Sekonda watches added the stylish and contemporary ladies Seksy watch line to its range. The Seksy watch range was to be aimed at the 25 to 35 age group and would build on the well known and successful Sekonda watch brand name. This brand recognition would instil customer confidence in this new range of ladies Seksy watches. The initial Seksy watch range consisted of eleven watch models and with some excellent marketing campaigns and some very clever and innovative watch designs, a number of these Seksy ladies watches quickly became best sellers. The success of the Seksy watch brand prompted Sekonda to expand the Seksy watch line to around thirty models within a year.

A year after the launch of the ladies Seksy watches, Sekonda introduced the Sekonda One range of watches. The Sekonda One watches are fashion watches aimed at men and, similarly to the ladies Seksy watches, stick to Sekonda's winning philosophy of offering excellent quality watches at a low price point. Both lines have since been heavily advertised.

A very popular Seksy watch line is the Seksy Hidden Hearts ladies watch, a polished chrome plated bracelet watch comprising of interlinked heart shapes forming the bracelet and case, a mother of pearl dial and Swarovski crystals set in the case and dial with a high quality Japanese quartz movement. Another popular Seksy watch is the Seksy Eclipse ladies watch, a Swarovski stone set chrome plated quartz watch with an 'eclipse' design incorporated into the case and each watch link. Other ladies Seksy watches include the Seksy Curve ladies watch and the Seksy Electra ladies watch, both chrome plated, stone set contemporary designs with beautiful shapes.

Sekonda's main line of watches consist of numerous gold and chrome plated dress watches for men and women with almost every style imaginable. Many watch lines use popular expanding bracelets for convenience and standard bracelet watches and leather strap watches are also available in abundance, all with the same high quality and standards of workmanship that have led to a less than 1% return rate.

Due to their outstanding value for money, Sekonda watches have been the UK's best selling watch brand for the last two decades. The Sekonda range includes numerous stylish dress watches for men and women in gold plated, stainless steel and bi-colour designs as well as contemporary or classic stone set watches. Sekonda also manufacture SEKSY watches, an exceptionally popular and modern fashion brand

Martyn Warren
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Vintage Watch Collecting 
Wednesday, December 7, 2016, 09:42 PM
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Swiss Used Watches: The Benefits of Collecting 
Wednesday, December 7, 2016, 09:36 PM
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Swiss watches are increasingly popular today with collectors who enjoy the character and value of beautiful high-end timepieces. In fact, watch collecting is a relatively new hobby, largely due to the fact that watches are not as utilitarian as they once were. In the past, watches were items that were worn daily as functional pieces of jewellery. People rarely had more than one watch, and even if they did, few people counted watch collecting among their hobbies. Today, people have numerous devices at their fingertips that can give the accurate time, making watches less necessary than they have been in years past. Interestingly enough, as the practice of wearing watches has fallen out of fashion, watch collecting as a hobby has become more prevalent.

The hobby of watch collecting has increased substantially due to the wide availability of used watches on the Internet. There are various reasons that a person might choose to purchase a used watch as opposed to buying a new Swiss watch. Some high-end vintage watches are no longer in production, making it impossible to buy a new watch of a particular design. In that case, watch collectors are more than happy to purchase used watches in styles that are out of production or hard to find. The Internet has also made it easier for people to become involved in watch collecting due to vast amount of information that is available about used watches online.

For those who are design-conscious, one of the most striking reasons for buying a used vintage watch has to do with the overall style and appearance of the timepiece. Although there are plenty of modern watches available that are perhaps more efficient and practical than used watches, there is something to be said for the vintage appeal of a timepiece that was made in another time in history. Vintage Swiss watches recall days gone by and are often unique and full of character, unlike the watches of today that can be purchased in shopping malls throughout the world. Used watches are durable and fashionable enough to be worn every day, allowing you to have a watch collection that is as functional is it is beautiful.

You can also buy used watches of modern design and construction. Used watches can be purchased at prices that are significantly less than today's retail prices. Some Swiss watches can be incredibly expensive, making them too costly for most people. However, used watches can come with a significant discount off of the regular retail price, making them increasingly obtainable for people who do not have disposable incomes. Additionally, new watches depreciate in value as soon as they are worn the first time. Buying a pre-owned watch allows you to avoid depreciation and retail price mark-up. Most used watches hold their value over time, allowing you to sell your used Swiss watch later with little or no loss in value.

The value of some watches in inherent in the design or manufacturer, making used watches fashionable no matter their age or previous ownership. In short, no one is going to know that the watch that you are wearing is a used watch. Additionally, high-end vintage watches were created by expert watchmakers that were incredibly skilled at their trade. It is possible to find used watches that are in pristine condition with movements that are surprisingly accurate considering the age of the timepiece. That having been said, it is incredibly important to purchase used watches from reputable dealers who thoroughly clean, test, and repair each used watch that they sell. Additionally, it is advisable to only purchase used watches that are sold with the correct paperwork to ensure that the watch you are receiving is genuine.

Dominic Munroe
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Getting Your Watch Serviced and Cleaned 
Friday, October 21, 2016, 09:09 PM
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No matter what type of watch you wear, you do require getting it serviced and cleaned. Watches are handy and hardy little things which are worn on the wrist but where ever you go, they go! As a result, hot sun, days on the beach, sweat and lots of other gunk get into the working mechanisms and casing. There are chances that the watch will just shut down and you will lose something you really value. Don't let that happen by servicing your watch regularly every six months at an authorized service technician. You might worry that service technicians may not be able to repair valuable watches like a Seiko, Patek Philippe or even a Rolex. Keep these precautions in mind when you take your valuable time pieces to the watchmaker and you should be fine.

Photograph the inside casing and the outside casing of your watch properly before you give it up for repair. Most watches have watchmaker numbers drilled in to the case back to prevent any problems. Note down any serial numbers or engravings on the watch for later reference. High quality timepieces need custom made spare parts. If you note down serial numbers of time pieces, you can order your spare parts well in advance and prevent getting cheated by unscrupulous watchmakers. Do not send valuable watches to unauthorized watch repair sites or personnel. Make sure that your watch repair technician has a BBB rating or is at least an accredited member of some horological organization.

Servicing frequency is also very important. Most watches have to serviced at least once in five years but that varies according the amount of use you put into your watch and the water resistance seal present on it.

ONCE A YEAR: Every vintage watch without a crown seal will require that you get a servicing done at least once a year to preserve working conditions of the watch.

EVERY 2 - 3 YEARS: Most modern watches now have special crowns which seal in the internal workings and prevent leakages. For these watches servicing once in 2 - 3 years is fine.

ONCE IN 5 YEARS: Modern watches are manufactured to last for a long, long time. These watches have a seal and watchmakers number inscribed in to the back of the watch just for that reason. Watches which have these numbers are pressure sealed or water sealed for a specific reason. If the owner has preserved the condition of the original seal then nothing will happen to the internal workings of the watch for a long time. The only issue which is important is oiling as watches have small parts which do require lubrication. Do get these watches lubricated or oiled at least once a year but a servicing or cleaning is not required.

Ian Stathem
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